Question Confused About ARGB Fans


Oct 31, 2019
So I recently bought an MSI Vampiric 100R case and it came with one addressable RGB case fan. The diagram about connecting it up and others up in the User Manuel confused me and I don't understand what it's asking.
I am planning on purchasing 3 SilverStone Air Blazer 120R Fans to go along with the single ARGB fan at the moment then getting more when I have the money. Meaning I would have 5 fans in my case 1 being just a normal fan. My motherboard is an Asrock Phantom Gaming 4 Z390, I am wondering how I connect these up to my motherboard do I need Cooler Master ARGB & PWM HUB 1 to 6 Port?


First, I can see one item that can cause confusion. You will have noticed that the single ARGB fan that came with the case has TWO cables from it. Such a fan actually is two devices in one unit - a fan, powered and controlled by its own cable to a mobo fan header, and lights mounted in the frame, powered and controlled by a separate cable that goes to a different mobo header. The potential confusion here is that your particular fan has a slightly unusual LIGHTING cable with TWO connectors on it, one male and one female. That is because it is designed for possible "daisy chain" connections, in which you can plug the lighting cable from your second fan into the male output of the first fan, and so on to connect many IF they all have this daisy-chain set of double connectors. Most fans do not have that feature. In your case, I suggest you ignore that and not use the male output from the fan you already got with the case.

Secondly, I see something on p. 12 of your case manual that may be a concern. It shows how to connect the supplied fan (plus others via the daisy-chain scheme if you had those) to the case lighting port so the lights can be powered and controlled from there. It also specifically says NOT to connect those fan lighting cables to a mobo header. I suspect that advice is for two reasons. First, you definitely should NOT make connections to BOTH the case system and a mobo header - choose one or the other. Secondly, IF you attempt to connect such a fan's cable to the wrong mobo header - that is, the plain RGB 4-pin 12 VDC header - you will damage the lights and probably destroy them. You MUST connect them only to an ARGB header with 3 pins (in a (4-1) arrangement). So if you follow those cautions, you CAN connect the supplied fan NOT to the case lighting system, and instead connect that fan's lighting cable to the mobo ARGB header, just as you can with other ARGB fans.

You asked about the Cooler Master ARGB & PWM HUB for your system, especially for later when you get the three added SilverStone fans. Yes, that is a good arrangement. Although you do not need it right now for only two fans (one of which has no lights), you can use it now, and it will be a help later with all 5 fans AS LONG AS all your fans are the newer 4-pin PWM types. A HUB like that cannot control the speed of a 3-pin fan.

That Hub has a pair of output connectors for each fan - a 4-pin one for the motor cable, and another for the 3-pin lighting cable. When you have all five fans, each can plug into a set of outputs. Of course, the one fan that has no lighting will simply not use that one of its pair. To the Hub you will make three connections. One is to a SATA power output connector from the PSU for power. One is to a mobo SYS_FAN or CHA_FAN header that is configured to use PWM Mode and to use the temperature sensor on your motherboard as a guide. And the last is to your mobo's 3-pin ARGB header. Then you will use the ASRock Polychrome Sync utility to control your lights.

None of this involves your CPU cooling system, whatever that is. The actual cooling unit for the CPU should be connected separately to the CPU_FAN header, details dependent on exactly what system you have. IF that system also has ARGB lighting in it, you can connect that to an ARGB output port of that Cooler Master Hub.
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