Confused as hell,in need of help ???


Sep 18, 2011
I have 2 gb kingston hyper x blue module(currently 1333 mhz,up to 1666 mhz) in my mobo,and i'm looking to add more,but i have some questions:

1. can i mix this ram with kingston value ram,which is basicaly same but without blue metal shroud
2. can i add 1 gb module to have 3 gb in totall,or add 4 gb module to have 6 gb in totall
3. and where do i plug next ram module,this one is in the first slot,and this is my mobo
4. and can dual channel work in the above mentioned combinations


This information is in your motherboard manual. It will have a chart of where to put specific sized modules and in what combination, etc. But basically yes, you can add the Kingston value to the HyperX.

If you have 32 bit Windows, you cannot see or use above 4gb. For over 4gb you would need 64 bit Windows.