Confused as to which card..9800pro rad or 9800 Ai.


Oct 18, 2003
I am at a loss as to which the best way to go is. My original idea was to purchase the Radeon 9800Pro. I would also like the option of capturing video and watching / recording cable on my box. So I then thought 9800Pro and Tv wonder / w/remote control. So here I was thinking Rad9800Pro and TV WONDER PRO REMOTE CONTROL EDITION. Then I started looking at the All in Wonder 9800Pro which seems to do it all in one card. My question is what is the most economical solution but still getting everything I want graphically for games and video capture?

Prices: Rad98Pro =$649.00

AIWPro = $699.00CAD

TVWPro = $149.00

Any revelations or insights would be helpful. Will be buying all my stuff from:


Former Staff
If you're considering the TV-Wonder, get the AIW 9800 Pro instead. If you're considering an even better TV card (such as Huappauge's PCR series), get the Radeon 9800 Pro.

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