Confused by two video cards .


Jan 25, 2013
Im so confused what to get , I originally planned to get Palit GTX650 1gb ddr5 OC this year , but . I noticed some games today consumes 1gb of vram , such as BF3 . Im not the picky-graphics one , I dont even play with 1080p , only 1368x768 and i dont even turning any msaa , fxaa , anti aliasing ON a and im satisfied with custom settings with a medium and high mixed or even pure medium settings. In that case I dont need much vram and 1gb vram is enough.
But if today's game can consume 1gb of vram , im preparing for upcoming games , where 1gb of vram is JUST a MINIMUM system requirements . As BF3 already consumes half of my current vram , that is 512vram over my 1gb vram.

So suddenly I thought of getting a 2gb vram for me this year but I really dont know .. cause it costs another 25$ .

100$ - Palit GTX 650 ""1gb""/128bit ddr5 (OC Ed)
125$ - Palit GTX 650 ""2gb""/128bit ddr5

So , what about you guys ? What do you think ?

OH my specs are ..

intel i3-3220 3.3ghz .
8 gb 1333 ram
500 w psu

Don't get the 2 GB version. The GPU has too low memory bandwidth to take advantage of all that vram, it's actually bottlenecking itself.

There is added another 1 GB as a marketing gimmick only for you to pay more, without getting more performance.

Stay with the 1 GB it will be the best option for you. :)