Confused - Need more internal HD storage - SSD or HDD??


Jul 10, 2009
I need your advice guys! I need more storage space.

I built a new PC four months ago (mainly used for gaming) and went with dual 640GB WD Caviar Black's. They currently run in RAID 0.
I thought about just buying a 2TB hard drive and just adding it to my current system, but after reading the latest posts I see that RAID 0 isn't the best option. So I question what would be best. I would like to upgrade my system with the following two goals in mind -

I want the system to boot/seek faster.
I desperatly need at least 2GB more hard drive space. (movies, etc.)

What do you guys suggest? Here is my current set-up:

ASUS Rampage II Extreme Mobo
Intel i7 965 Extreme
6 GB Corsair RAM
Dual EVGA GTX285's
(2) Western Digital 640GB Caviar Black's. Running in RAID 0
Western Digital 1TB external HD (It's FULL!)
PSU -Corsair HX1000

Should I upgrade to SSD for the boot drive and get rid of the RAID array, or add more drives to the RAID??


sub mesa

Apr 17, 2009
Why do you want to get rid of RAID0? If you buy another larger disk and use that as backup, you can safely use RAID0.

Also, if you want boot/seek performance there is only one option: SSD. All HDDs suck at this.

So ideally you should get both an SSD for booting/apps and a larger HDD for mass-storage/backups.
For gaming and movie watching, the RAID isn't really helping you except for boot times. If money's no object, you can keep the RAID and buy more storage. If budget is a consideration, I'd wait till the Vertex2 hits the shelves in March dethroning the Intel G2 as the speed champ hoping that it knocks prices down. Then I'd install the OS onto the new SSD and reformat the two WD's w/o the RAID.

Or ya could throw in a new 2 TB as you were thinking and have the old WD's fo backup and off site storage in one of these:

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