Confused over the cableing up a PC


Dec 9, 2011


Hello this my first PC build and I would appricate some help with a few things. The MB, CPU, RAM, HDD, & DVD Drive have all gone in fine just i'm confused over some of the cableing:

AC97/HD Audio - A wire with two sockets on the end. Which one do I plug into the MB? Does it matter? I've located the correct slot I think but I don't know which one to insert

Q-Connector - Well that's what's called in the MB Manual, there is a white one and a blue one. I Now I think I have the white one figured out I connected these 5 wires into it based on how the 'Q-Connector' was labled. (These were the 5 cables -

The blue one looks like it has something to do with the USB ports, on my MB there are like 4 sochets labled USB(With a different numbers after each one) Does it matter which one I plug it in, also there are two USB labled wires coming from my case but I only got one blue 'Q-Connector' came with the MB.

Finally, the thing which confuses me the most is how do I connect up all the fans?. My case has fans in 3 different locations and molex connectors from the fans seemingly everywhere - where do I start with this?

Thank you.
The Q-connector(you can bypass it, but it is the most easy way to get the front panel connected. yes the white on is the one you want to use for front panel) will connect all the cables in your pic. That are labeled on the Q-connector it self. Then that connects to the board.

In the case of the image above, all the white wires are negative(that matters only for the LED's).

You will connect the HD audio to your board. AC97 is for compatibility with an older standard. Many boards can use either, but HD Audio is better.

The USB connector can connect to any of the USB headers on the board(you do not need the Q-connector for that, it is for older cases with ALL usb cables separate)

Fans with Molex connectors can be run off the power supply. The cpu fan has its own place on the board. Any 3 pin fans you have left can connect to the other motherboard fan headers(or power supply with an adapter).

Images are always better :) color coded. Please watch the 4 pin fan header near the cpu fan header(it may be a cpu_opt for dual fans, just watch not to plug in the 3 pins next to it). Above the HD audio header, watch to not plug partially onto the SPDIF pins. NEVER Plug USB onto FIREWIRE on board.

Bigger image?