Nov 15, 2021
i currently have a gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 motherboard and im currently looking on what fans to use for my system, i am leaning towards the INWIN SIRIUS LOOP ASL120's and im not very familiar on how to configure fans out, it says that i need an ARGB header but i dont think my motherboard has that.

i could probably just use SATA connection to power the fans but i wont be able to utilize the ARGB function, correct?

what can i do to get over this problem?


You are correct. Those fans (like most lighted fans today) come with two separate cables. ONE is for the motor only and you CAN plug that into mobo headers for the fan without plugging in the second cable for the LIGHTS. But that means you are paying for lights you are not using, so maybe you could get a different fan with similar characteristics, but with NO included lights for a smaller price.

For power and speed control of fans, they should be connected to mobo fan headers. The mobo can do automatic fan control based on temperatures measured by sensors. Your mobo has two such headers - one specifically for the CPU cooling fan, and another for all case ventilation fans. To connect several case fans to a single header you probably need a fan Splitter. For details on what to get and how to use, post back here exactly what fans you do choose so we can advise.

Those fans do have the more complex ARGB lighting system in them; moreover, the website for INWIN does not show any fans with the less complex plain RGB lighting system. But your mobo has only ONE lighting header, and it is for that plain RGB system, so you can NOT use it with ARGB lights.

For an explanation of those two types of lights (whether in light strips or built into a fan frame), read the first part of my post of Mar24/21, the eighth post in that thread

Since you do have a plain RGB header on your mobo (see its manual on p. 12, item 5 and p. 14, the LED_CPU header) you COULD use fans with that lighting type in the frame if you choose, but they won't be the INWIN products.

Your other option to use the INWIN fans you prefer AND its lights would be to buy a third-party ARGB Lighting Controller that can supply what those fans' lighting units require. if you want to pursue that route, post back here.
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