Jul 13, 2011
Hey guys, my brother just got back from a month long vacation, and while he was gone his computer was sitting in a closet awaiting his return.
When he got home we were going to play some battlefield just like we did before he left, so we hooked everything up, hit the power button and saw the lights come on... but no HDD activity, no video output, no beep codes, no keyboard or mouse lights; just the cd drive whirring over and over.
I opened the cd drive and Oblivion was in there, i thought " funny, even if it was trying to boot from cd it would at least have some video output or beep or something" so i removed it and restarted the computer, and the same thing happened. Cd drive still going crazy even though it was empty and other then front lights, and fans, no activity. so i unplugged the CD drive's power and restarted, still nothing.
We were running out of ideas and i couldn't help remembering my experiences dealing with dead motherboards, so we unplugged stuff starting at the front where his mouse was plugged in, and we re plugged it in another slot, and...
BAM, pc booted up just like that! :eek:
So my question is, could a short in a USB port or some other problem with one single USB port cause the whole system to behave like that?
I've never experienced anything like that before and wondered if anyone might have an idea as to the cause?
thanks in advance


Aug 24, 2010
I have experienced crashes for a phone, connected to an USB, and Windows hanging on load. Not exactly your case, but who knows what is possible there.
It may be some moisture in the contact for example.
And a short anywhere in the system can possibly do anithing on it.
Be happy it runs now and there's no any permanent damage.