Question Confusing, inconsistent RX580 Performance


Jan 30, 2016
I've seen issues similar to mine on this forum before but there never seems to be a resolution or genuine solution, threads lose interest and die.

I have an RX580 Sapphire Nitro+, the 4gb version. I've always been able to play game fine but have noticed weird frame drops, odd performance in VR, and general issues that seem to appear and resolve themselves over time.
I blamed bad drivers and the lot but with AMD stepping up its game my performance issues are still noticeable, in games like Overwatch (a consistent favorite) running at a smooth 144 sometimes, and than random dips to 70/80 with tearing and a perceivable motion blur. Sometimes, tabbing in and out of the game fixes this. Sometimes, restarting the game. Lastly, toggling a "reduce buffering" option, switching it on, off, then on again.

Other games have different issues. Apex, for example, sometimes loads up with no issues, with a smooth game experience, consistently through the play session. Other times, absolute nonsense, frame rate all over the place.

From just monitoring performance statistics in Radeon, I'm seeing that my CPU has no issue with keeping up (tops 30% utilization) but the utilization of my GPU is a whole different story.

Dips every second from 100% to 0%. Everything else is constant, clock speed, power consumption, temps, ram usage. Seems normal.

Rest of my specs
  • Gigabyte B450M DS3H
  • Ryzen 5 2600
  • G.Skill 16gb 2133Mhz DDR4 Kit
  • Corsair TX650M 650 Watt 80+ Gold Certified
  • Crucial MX500 SATA M.2 Drive
I've tried DDU and fresh graphics driver install. Using 21.10.1 in Radeon, and Driver Version

Appreciate literally any advice.