Confusion of B450 motherboards, newbie?

Nov 9, 2018
So, I got my system ready and I'm left to choose a motherboard. Will be using 5 2600 (not gonna overclock , but you never know in a year or two). I'm looking to spend 90-120$ on it. Also looking for ATX size, since I have a decent case.

MSI 450 Tomahawk - best reviewed motherboard there is, unfortunetly it's out of stock in every store in my country so I have to choose another one.
MSI 450 Gamus Plus - Out of stock as well, plus I dont like all the red (my configuration will be mostly black/white/grey)
Asrock 450 Gaming K4 - This one I can get and it's decent looking and have nice reviews , but I guess I'm kinda worried its a bit cheaper? And I feel like if i spend a bit more I can get a better mobo?
Asus b450 Prime Plus - This is the one I'm thinking of buying right now, since its decent looking and in my price range and is in stock and I've heard asus have the best bios, but I've heard that doesnt have the best vrm in that price range and its a bit overpriced? But it can sync with my case technology about lightning.
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro - Bad heatsinks/vrm + not so appealing design?
Asus Tuf b450 Gaming - No idea on this one, havent heard anything in particular.
Rog Strix b450 - Too expensive, same with the Carbon Pro Msi

Anything I'm missing? X470 is maybe out of budget (maybe=sure)

So it's kinda basically between Asus b450 prime plus vs Asrock Gaming K4?


Aug 11, 2016
The Asus b450 plus has sufficient VRM prowess to run an 8 core processor with mild OC. So it should be fine for decent OC with the Ryzen 2600.

I have a Asus B350M-E motherboard, its kinda the microatx version of Asus B350 plus. It's paired with a Ryzen 1600 at 3.75 OC.
The Asus B450 should be very fine with the Ryzen 2600 at say, 4.0 GHz.

The Asrock B450 Gaming K4 has a solid VRM (4 FET's and two coils on each phase) that runs cool even overclocking an 8 core, USB 3.1 gen 2 ports...2 of them, one a Type C...and up-graded ALC892 audio codec. The Asus Prime Plus will have a better BIOS but the Asrock BIOS has everything you need, just a bit more confusing and/or buried a few clicks deeper.

So in that mix of boards available to you it would easily be the second best on features. But the Rog Strix and Carbon are out on price so it's the last one standing especially considering the negative comments in reviews for Gigabyte and Asus VRM's on their B450 boards.