Confusion over Older Q Series and Newer i5/i7


Mar 14, 2010
So I am in the market for a new CPU to overclock. (and eventually play games on) On some of the video game websites I go on, it has been recommended that if I go for an upgrade, it should be the i7 920 or the i5 750. The processor I wanted to get was the Q9550 but I was told that for the money, an i5 or i7 would be better.

I was hoping if someone would clarify this problem for me. What exactly is the difference in performance for i5/i7 processors? From a newbies perspective, I see that for the money (290$) I am infact getting a lower speed for each processor than a Q9550 (2.83 compared to 2.66)

Long story short, why are newer processors considered better even though they have a lower processing speed and a lower L3 Memory Cache.
Ok well the newer processor the I5 and I7 are faster clock for clock so for an older core 2 line to run as fast as an I5 @2.8 the core 2 would have to be running about 4ghz to even keep up with an I5 at 2.8 so a quick answer is it sends more data per clock cycle then the older processor.

Look at this link for a benchmark of an I5 against a core 2 quad

As you can see here the I5 750 at a lower clock speed spanks the Q9550.