Connect 2 different ip addresses to same workgroup


Jul 21, 2012
both pc's have xp, computer one has a static ip address and the 2nd computer has a ip address given to it by a router that runs the firewall for the network. both pc's are in the same room, pc one also connects to a port in the wall, all I need to do is network a printer between the two pc's
Not sure why this is any type of issue, every computer will have a different IP on the same network. Or are you on different subnets? One IP and the other is or something?

Can you change the static IP to match the subnet of the one using DHCP?

You may want to add some details as to what is happening when you try to add the printer. How is the printer connected? Shared off one computer? Connected to the network directly? What did you try already and exactly what happened?