Connect Antec Case Power Switch Wire To Supermicro Mobo


May 16, 2009

I just got a Supermicro C2SBC mobo (775 socket)to use in an Antec P180 case.

The Antec has a 3 conductor connector for the front power switch wire to the mobo--but only two wires (the middle lead is blocked off.)

This had a matching pin connector on my last mobo (Gigabyte for AMD X24400)

But the new Supermicro mobo only seems to only have a 2 lead pin connector for the power on switch.

How does one connect the Antec wire to the mobo in a situation like this?

Does that make sense what I'm asking?


You can very carefully pop one of the pins out and insert it in the middle position with a tiny jewelers screwdriver. Then just let the empty pin (socket) hang over the edge of the motherboard header. Or carefully cut it in half through the empty pin. Then rotate the headers 90 degrees so that the excess part hangs over the edge of the motherboard header. I have done both.

Unlike the LED's, the case switches are not polarized.