Question Connect (defect?) internal Desktop SSD with Laptop

May 6, 2020

I have got an old SSD which used to be built into a desktop PC of mine. I haven't used in years and I am not even sure whether it is still in usable condition. Nevertheless, I would like to attempt reading from it.

However, I have no access to a desktop PC in the foreseeable future. I only have a laptop (Dell, Ubuntu) and wonder whether I can connect that SSD with my Laptop to attempt access.

It's a Toshiba SSD 128 GB
Here are photos of the device and the plug (SSD) (SATA)

What possibilities are there? Ideally, there is an adapter (USB?) that I can simply plug in. Of course, if the SSD turns out not fully functional anymore, then there are additional problems ... I guess such an adapter should merely translate the SSD plug for the OS and otherwise just get out of the way of any communication as much as possible.


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this is my preferred external adapter.
you can use the cable in the picture but you will need to provide power. the wide plug is the power plug and with just the DATA cable you will not be able to access the SSD.
this adapter has both connections and will provide the power from the USB port.

if you do not mind a bit of work:
prepare a USB linux drive
remove the drive from the DELL and replace it with the SSD.
boot from USB, allow linux to load the live environment, mount the drive and see if the data is readable. if you can access the data, you can then reverse everything (shut down, swap drives, remove USB) and order the external adapter.

I had an old SSD I used the above adapter and laminated the whole shebang in cardboard.
recycleable external HDD enclosure, that is tough and cheap.