Question Connect Multiple RGB Fans on a Single Gen 2 Addressable Header

Jan 23, 2020

So what im trying to do is connect all rgb components in my build through asus arura.
Ram, Gpu, CLC Cooler and rgb strips with it, and 6 deepcool 120mm RGB fans.

I know the ram and gpu should just work... Im not sure about the deepcool CLC in particular though. My mobo has two four pin rgb headers and only one adressable rgb header to my knowledge.

Mobo Page:

My main concern is how the hell im suposed to connect all 6 RGB fans through arura. I know that the header only supports a certan amout of power otherwise you could fry the header or mobo. So could I daisy chain the controllers that the fans come with or buy just a splitter? Or do i need a powered sata or molex hub of some sort? If so what hub should i be looking at because rgb is beyond me and id like to have as much rgb as possable through asus arura.

The Fan Hubs I've Been Looking at:
And <--- not sure if this one is only for riing plus thermaltake fans or not... the hub says its arura compliant and the fans themself are aswell.

Please help this RGB noob out with the setup process of everything through asus arura... mostly the fans though. Id like to have 7-9 fans eventually to replace the ones on the heatsink.

Thankyou so much for anyones help in this matter. 😁
That Thermaltake controller I believe is just meant for certain Thermaltake RGB products. They have fans that just work with motherboard RGB controls. Then they have their TT fans which need that controller to adapt them to the motherboard RGB header. Otherwise they have their own control software and connector.

I don't think that Silverstone will work for RGB. It'll be great for PWM fans if you need more connectors though. Note that RGB fans have separate fan and RGB connectors.

The Silverstone LSB01 is the kind of splitter you are looking for. Which is just for the fan lights. A separate splitter would be used to operate the fan itself.

Looking at the motherboard's sales page you linked. The RGB header supports up to a 12V 3A LED strip. I would presume that means it can handle up to 3A at 12V. Meaning it handles up to 36W. Which seems awfully high. At any rate the Deepcool fans I found (RF120-3 in 1) are rated at 0.23A each. They don't list RGB separately. I'd assume the RGB aspect is a mere fraction of the 0.23A. Although the tech specs pages says up to 6 RGB devices supported. Perhaps that is the maximum on one RGB header.