Connect second POE camera to one POE ethernet cable?

Jul 7, 2018
I have a POE security camera mounted in a difficult location. A second camera is needed mounted in the same location, but pointed differently. The existing camera runs off a Netgear unmanaged 4xPoE (GS305P).

Does a switch exist to let me unplug the ethernet cable at the existing camera, then plug both cameras into the device at the remote location? The key is not running another cable to the remote location (i.e. power or second ethernet cable) but use what's there now.

Solution exist?
Maybe ... 100Mbps Ethernet only requires 2 pairs of wires to work. Your standard Ethernet cable has 4 pairs in it. Some PoE solutions use the free 2 pairs to supply power, some don't. If you built 2 Y splitters (1 female to 2 males) and put one at each end, it might work.

In my house I ran cat 5 to all the places I wanted a computer. But in the kitchen I would have to rip out drywall. Just so happens there is a phone jack there and they used cat 5 for the phone system (and ran the phone wires in a star topology), so I used 2 pair for Ethernet and 2 for phone (yes, i still used a wired phone). It works ... will it work with your PoE injector and camera ... ummm, I dont know.