Connect to Internet yet Unable to Browse

Oct 2, 2012
I am connected to the internet wirelessly with an "excellent" connection; however, when I open up IE or Firefox I receive an error message that I'm not connected to the web.

I've tried everything.. every internet setting.. taking away all the security, etc.. and nothing helps.

I just saw in another thread to go to Start>Run>CMD
and then to type in "ping
I did that and the request timed out 4 times in a row.

How do I fix this?
All my other computers are connected wirelessly, so I know it has to be something with the computer.
You say you are connected to the internet with an excellent connection, but you can't browse. This doesn't make sense. Can you explain this? Can you use any internet related programs like FTP, email client (like thunderbird), or usenet at all? In other words, how do you know the connection is excellent if you can't get online?

You might have a connection to other computers on your home network, but it sounds like you are restricted from the internet.

Your best bet is to go into your TCP/IP settings and make sure that "obtain an IP address automatically" and "obtain DNS automatically" are checked off.