Question Connect two computers to two displays

May 17, 2022
I have a Dell G3 laptop and a much older desktop that I want to connect to 2 external displays on my desk without having to rewire to switch between computers. Right now One of the external monitors is connected to the desktop, and the other is connected to the laptop. Both monitors are older having only a DVI and a VGA port. I know that I can use a universal dock to attach two displays to the laptop, I have used the laptop with a dock to output to two external monitors and the laptop screen, thought I do not have such a dock right now. I also know that I can attach two monitors to the desktop via one VGA, and one DVI output port on the mother board, I have done this, and it works. But, what do I need to do to attach all monitors and computers together at the same time, and just switch between the two depending on which one I want to use at the moment?