Connectify Replacement


Jun 18, 2011
Hello Guys,

I have been using Connectify well for ages i.e. only my older DV5 1125EM notebook and my C2Q Desktop with an external USB wireless adapter. This enabled me to connect other devices e.g. my smartphone and share my internet connection.

However, since I got this new notebook i.e. DV6 6011 TX I am no longer able to use connectify as it turned out the Broadcom 4313 wireless adapter it has is not compatible with it (even if force it to run on this thing it will BSOD as soon as I connect to internet). Anyway, at home not having connectify is no big deal as I use my WiFi router to connect various devices but when I am on the move I do want to have the ability to at least connect my smartphone to internet.

My question is: is there any other alternative of connectify is available which can do the same job?


May 16, 2012
Oh, you should try Virtual Hotspot, a similar free software can do the same job. And i haven't met compatibility problem with my laptop. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 2008. YOu can Google and try it, afterall, it's free.