Question Connecting 2 "broken" routers together?


Jun 2, 2014
I have a Linksys EA9300 wifi router that is out of warranty and no longer broadcasts an SSID network(tried everything..). It's my main router and use it to connect my computers by Lan. I also have a very old Linksys E3000 that reboots over 20 times a day but wifi works when its up. So, is it possible to use my main router for a wired connection and then use the E3000 exclusively for wireless? I just use the standard dhcp connection. I tried researching a bit and pretty confused by like Lan to Lan or Lan to Wan ect...
You want to use the second router as a AP. If it does not have a actual AP function do a simple search how to use a router as a AP. Pretty much you are putting the second routers radio on the first router. It rebooting though wills till make the wifi unstable but anything ethernet connected to the main router should be fine.