Question Connecting 2 gaming headsets to the same pc?

Oct 13, 2020
You will probably need analog headsets and a mixer. If you can explain what you are trying to do maybe I can help.
So I have 2 single 3.5mm jack headsets (mic plus headphones) and I want to be able to have both plugged into the same pc to be used at the same time for 2 people to have voice chat etc. I've looked at mixers but cant find any that have compatible inputs for the headsets I have (xlr mic ports/ only audio/only mic) I'm not well versed with stuff like this so I'm not sure of the best way or what I would need to use exactly.

Also as a thought, would it be possible to have one headset plugged into the headphone and mic Jack's through a splitter and the other headset plugged into a usb port via a splitter with a usb connection?
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First split the audio and microphone with a splitter. Then use a female 3.5 to XLR for the Mic. Then either use a mixer with 2 audio outs and an adapter, or one audio to headphone splitting it for 2 headphones.

Or look into something like this you will still need some adapter/splitter.