Question Connecting 2 Routers in Bridge Mode. Router configuration


Nov 15, 2018
I am trying to connect two routers via a bridge as I am receiving poor connectivity on my first floor. I am planning to connect the 2 routers with Ethernet cable from LAN port of Router 1 (R1) to LAN port of Router 2 (R2). Is it the right way?

My ISP's R1 is a FTTH dual band - some Chinese made brand. It is connected to the ISP using PPoE, Ipv4, dynamic IP, NAT and VLAN enabled with reserved start IP address from 192 .168.1.33 to end IP 254. As far as I understand it is a recent product and supports many features.

R2 is my old ISP's FTTH dual band Genexis Titanium-4211 and supports Bridge mode and has many features as well .
Both doesnt have any user guides and do not support DD-WRT or Open WRT.

Settings of R2 Under WAN page >> Internet connection menu and Bridge mode View:

Should I enable or disable DHCP server
Bridge mode options: should it be PPPoE_Bridged or IP_Bridged
has 3 options >> Tag, Untag, Transparent Or enter VLAN number of R1
OR a different VLAN number OR should I select Untag VLAN

LAN settings page on R2 LAN Page View:

I want to give an IP address eg. (which is different from R1's default gateway). So that I can also access the R2's configuration page.

Here also, there is a DHCP server enable option: Enable or Disable
Enable has DHCP server and DHCP relay.
Also Device type >> Computer, HomeGateWay (HGW) etc. What should I choose

There is also a LAN server option: Enable or Disable
DNS relay: Enable or Manual.

Should I disable NAT in R2.

Any other changes on R2 or R1 settings?

Finally, Should I assign a static address on R1 for R2 and how do I do this?
Thanks for your time.


What function(s) are you trying to accomplish?

"Bridge mode" as you described "Settings of R2 Under WAN page >> Internet connection menu and Bridge mode " puts the router into a modem mode. So two routers, both in that type bridge mode would not make much sense to me.