Question Connecting 4 monitors to gtx 1080


Aug 7, 2019
I have triple monitors going to the 3 display ports. I have another, a 4th connected to the HDMI. This is a gaming pc and what I would like to do is switch between the 3 monitors which is on surround on the invidia app. Right now I unplug the HDMI and plug the 3 surround monitors in and vice versa. How can I switch back and forth w/o unplugging them? I tried a remote power switch and would turn off power to one while I used the other, but that was causing a blue screen and crash. If I leave all 4 plugged in, the desktop is on the 3 gaming monitors, but I want it on the HDMI port which is my surfing monitor away from the 3 surround screens. I tried changing things on the invidia app but would just get lost and frustrated turning surround on and off and changing this and that. I thought a pass-thru triple DisplayPort switch with shut off, but no one makes one. Any help appreciated.

Math Geek

i just use the normal windows monitor settings to enable and disable at will. you know, right click the desktop --> screen resolution and then change settings at will for each monitor.

pick the monitor and from the drop down menu disable it or enable when you need to swap around. i use 3 monitors and turn them on and off all the time as needed.