Connecting a 2nd computer to a broadband connection


Mar 15, 2010
My main computer is located in my office which is in the front of the house.
I want to install a 2nd computer in a bedroom.
The main computer is a broadband connection and there is a router hooked up.

I plan on using a cable to connect the 2 computers.

1--what type of cable do I need?
2--The length of the cable will need to be around 30-35 feet.
Does that matter?
3--do I have to do anything to the #2 computer to hook up the cable?
4--Where does the cable plug into the #2 computer?

Any tips or suggestions?

Thank you.
If you don't want to start running cables through the house and digging holes in walls and ceilings, go either wireless or use something like homeplug, which will run network connection over your electrical wiring at faster speeds than wireless, but less than dedicated cat cabling.