Connecting a Mac G4 Power Mac to a 42 inch Plasma or LCD HD TV


Aug 19, 2011
I want to buy a new 37 or 42 inch plasma or LCD HD 1920X1200 TV. I hope to hook it up to my Mac G4 MDD power mac. I plan to use a dvi to HMDI cable. I just want to watch movies that I have downloaded, no games. My video card is 60 Hz but a lot of the TV's are 120 Hz. Is this going to be a problem.

Any other problems I am apt to find?



Hi bcass i've copied this link for you. it will help to make up your mind.

Basically the hz output from your comp and the hz rating in the tv are two different things.

All tv's, lcd or plasmas are limited to 60hz. It’s what drives them internally is what will make the better tv. Lcds try to double the frame rate of 120hz to interpolate a smoother picture. Lcds are inferior to plasmas when it comes to picture responsiveness.

Plasmas have a sub field drive ranging between 480 to 600hz depending on the model.

So if its in your price range, get the plasma.