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Question Connecting a second router to my main router


Nov 16, 2017
Okay i've been wanting to extend my wifi range in our house to my room and i have been thinking of buyinga wifi extenderbut i think that i will not have my100% internet speed so i came up with an idea of just buying a second mini router which is TP-LINK TL-WR820N V2, it is a cheap mini router that i can find which is the same price with the wifi extender i have seen. Since there is already a drilled CAT6 cable through my ceiling on where i am planning to put the second router, i am thinking if it is possible to connect my main router to the second router through a CAT 6 cable? if yes, am i able to use that second router as a normal router? wherein i can use its extra lan ports and connect it to my pc? and make it a Wifi router?

before i order the second mini router that i have seen, i need to know if it will work if i connect my main router to that second router through wired (cat 6 cable) and i also need to know if i can use that second router as a normal router, like connecting my wireless device and also if i can uset the extra LAN cable to connect it to my pc to have a wired connection from router to pc

thank you.