Connecting an Audigy ZS to a Preamp for surround


Apr 27, 2004
I hear that the deluxe zs has an optical out for connecting to preamps and receivers. I heard that the Audigy doesn't have a built in encoder so only some sources will play back in surround sound unless you buy the specialty speakers from creative and cambridge. Is that the case for the deluxe audigy or is it only for the basic version. I want to be able to play games such as Call of Duty, Q3, Jedi etc through an optical link from my PC to my preamp. Unfortunately, Creative just sends me links to pages that don't have the answers.


May 21, 2004
From reading about your card in newegg, it supports EAX, which your games use, and dts surrond, which most dvds have. It'll decode most of what you need. Now what I don't know about is what format info is sent through the optical cable in. Someone was telling me that optical is encoded in dts, and the receiver has to decode it. But in that case, why ever make a receiver with an optical input that couldn't do decoding? I think it should work.

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