Question Connecting DSL to patch panel: what did I do wrong?

Nov 25, 2020
Patch Panel 1
Patch Panel 2
Can someone help me figure out what I did wrong here.
I have DSL; the modem is located in a random room so everybody has to connect to it via wifi. I moved it to my patch panel so I could connect it directly to others room via existing cat5e connections. It kind of worked for half a second but the signal was weak and eventually dropped.
Please see Patch Panel 1 link:
Blue circle: I disconnected this from yellow circle and terminated it with a rj45 connector to eventually connect to DSL modem (via router)
Purple circle: This is just the line in from outside (sequence as follows: blue, white blue, orange, white orange)
Yellow circle: I connected the DSL model to this - I grabbed a network cable and connected one end to yellow circle and terminated the other end with a rj11 connector (using blue, white blue, orange, white orange sequence each time).
Like I said it showed sign that it might work (i.e., DSL indicators turned green for a sec) but it just didn't. Any ideas?
Also not sure what's going on with the keystone (if that's what it's called) above yellow circle (you can't really see in pic): only the orange wires from the cat5 cable are connected; blue and blue white are connected to the line in's green and green white for some reason ...
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In order for DSL to work properly - you have to make sure that the only device directly connected to the phone line is the modem / router. Landline phones / fax / security must be connected thru filters.