Connecting mobile hotspot to router for stronger signal without access to a computer

Jan 4, 2019
I recently purchased a PS4. I've been using my mobile hotspot for an internet connection but it's not strong enough to run the game I would really like to play. I live in the country where we don't have an internet service except for our phone at the moment. I do have a Belkin wireless router without a usb port and I also have a arris router with a USB port. I've read ways people are able to connect the mobile hotspot to the router for a better signal however I've noticed that in those readings they have a computer to configure the router. I don't have a computer to do so. Is there another way I can connect one of my routers to my hotspot for a stronger service with out a computer and without any internet access on the routers?


Connecting your phone to a router won't improver your cellular reception. You could get a cellular repeater which would have an outdoor antenna you would put up-high and coax which runs inside to a pico cell transmitter. Nothing you can do with a WIFI router will improve your situation.
Your problem all depends which wireless signal is causing the problem. There are 2 signals involved the mobile broadband signal between the cell tower and your hotspot and the WiFi signal between the hotspot and the end device

If you have the phone next to the PS4 then it has to be the signal coming from the cell tower to your phone.

Many times the optimum place to put a phone used as a hotspot is in a window that gets the best reception from the cell tower. Now if you do something like that and the PS4 is far away from the cell phone MAYBE you can improve the signal levels with a router. The problem in this case would be the WiFi signal from the phone to the PS4.

Most people asking this type of question here tend have the problem of not enough signal from the cell tower. There is no easy solution for that problem