Connecting my Desktop to my TV


Sep 10, 2011
So basically I have a HD ready TV that I want to connect to my Desktop using a HDMI cable. Unfortunately my Desktop only has a VGA output. So i was wandering if I get a DVI to VGA adapter and then use a DVI to HDMI cable to connect it to my TV. Can this be done and if so will there be any problems with my video card not working with HDMI or something, thanks for any responses :)


The source would be Standard Definition thanks to the VGA output on the card. Even if such a conversion would work (which I doubt) the picture quality would be really quite nasty. Best to obtain a GPU that comes native with HDMI or has DVI at the very least.
It's an absolute no go.
HDMI is absolutely different from VGA. There is no combination of adapters that will make it even close to HDMI quality, plus , there will be no sound......
Basic usage of HDMI is to get better Video quality and sound without Cable clutter.....
The idea itself will go again the whole concept.
You can always downgrade a good signal using adapters, but upgrading a bad or low quality signal is never as simple as we might hope it would be.