Connecting my hd 4830


Jun 9, 2009
you'll have to excuse my ignorance here, i'm upgrading from a 7800gt to a hd 4830 and in the instructions it says connect to the psu.
now the lead from the 7800gt(6 pin) splits off into 2 plugs(4 pin), 1 plug then joins another which then splits off and goes to the hdd and the other to the psu.
the other plug from the 7800gt joins another which then splits off to the psu and the other joins another plug which splits and 1 looks as if it goes to the lcd temp read out on the front of the pc and the other splits off to another plug were a couple of wires go straight to the fan on the back of the pc and the others aren't connected to anything.
the lead that comes with the 4830(6 pin) only has 1 plug(4 pin) on it, so wich 1 do i connect it to or can i just use the 7800gt lead instead
thanx for any advice