Connecting my PC to my LG PS3000


Oct 19, 2009

I have just moved into a new house and bought a LG Sp3000 and want to connect my PC to it.

I have read a few things and looking to buy a video card with a DVI output, Would you recommend any?

One issue i can see is how do i get sound to come out of the TV? as as i understand it DVI is pure video and not sound?

I would like to watch my computer in full HD and at 1080p

what would you do ?

thanks in advance



I can't find SP3000 anywhere on the LG site. But start from the TV, not the computer. What inputs does it accept? DVI is not common on TV's but you may have it, anyway. More common is HDMI which DOES have both high-def TV and audio. Some even have a way to pass the incoming audio on the HDMI line on to an output that can go to a separate audio system.

If you're doing HDMI at the TV, just make sure you get HDMI output on your video card. Another way MAY be via a DVI output. You are right, DVI does NOT include audio. In its original form, you would run a separate cable feeding your audio signal in some form to your sound system (be it stand-alone in in the TV). Now, many video cards based on ATI chipsets actually have put audio signals in the DVI output connector on unused pins. These might be fed by audio capabilities in the card, but many actually have you use a small internal cable to connect an audio signal from your computer's built-in (or add-on) audio output system to the video card, and they just feed that to the output connector. Anyway, IF you have this system, you can get an adapter (but it MUST be the right type of adapter for use with these ATI-based cards) that turns your DVI output connector into and HDMI output that has both the video and audio on it, just as HDMI is supposed to do.