Connecting my PC to the internet using ethernet


Jul 1, 2012
I've recently bought a new computer with a wireless card. However, the wireless signal is terrible, so I'm looking to try and get my PC plugged directly into my rooter (or by other means).

Do I have any other options of doing this, other than a wire from my rooter to my PC. Is there any other solution which enables me not have to plug into my rooter directly?? (as my rooter is in an awkward spot and has to stay there). Can I plug into an ADSL port for example? Or any other alternatives???

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to anything to do with networks, internet access, LAN etc etc.


Mar 13, 2008
You first have to decide which type of connection you want, either wired or, wireless. wired connection always much more faster that wireless connection.
You have wireless card into your PC, do you have wireless option into your router? if you have wireless router you can simply setup your wireless card in your PC (follow the instruction in the manual) to connect to router. Before that you have to setup your router in wireless section. Hope this will help you to understand.