Question Connecting Notebook to 4K TV - Issues

Oct 9, 2019
First of all i wish all the world a better and brighter future after this pandemic.

I have this notebook. And this 4K TV.

I want to play Fifa, platform games etc. on 4k TV at 1080p resolution. When i duplicate screens, TV runs smoothly. But i don't want to run both screens, i want to play just on 4k TV. I tried to set TV on 4k 30 hz setting and make games resolutions 1080p but it stutters and lags even when i see 150+ fps on Msi Afterburner. Then i try to set TV at 1080p resolution and 60hz, image does not fit TV and there is lag again when i play games.

But when i duplicate screens game runs smoothly.

In the specifications, MSI says HDMı port supports 4k @ 30hz, but it runs very smooth when both screens active.

I made some researches. It looks like a mini display port to HDMI cable should easily solve this issue. My HDMI cable is probably a 1.4 HDMI cable but MSI says that HDMI port supports 4k 30 HZ, i can't figure out if that is the issue. But it can still run smoothly when i duplicate screens as i said.

Or disabling onboard graphics can make a difference?