Connecting PC to 5.1 Receiver


Dec 31, 2007
Maybe I missed a posting in my search for an answer. I want to play my music files on my PC thru my 5.1 receiver. The receiver has optical / spdif/ toslink connections and s-video. As the receiver is in downstairs, I either need to hook up a second PC with an optical out sound card and s-video so I can play the music & use the TV as a monitor, or find some wireless router that will do the same. The PC option might allow me to use WMA to grab the sound files.

Any suggestions or thoughts?


Mar 9, 2010
If you have a Play Station, it is easy to share your music folder and use the PS3 WiFi to access them. Just share the folder in Media Player and your PS3 can play files. Plus, you have a long-range remote to change songs.
SPDIF only allows for Stereo/Quadrophonic/AC3/DTS to be sent over TOSLINK. Windows doesn't allow for Quadrophonic to be sent which restricts it to Stereo (2 channel), AC3 and DTS. Unfortunately LPCM doesn't work. If you want to play music over SPDIF you will need to get a sound card with Dolby Digital Live or DTS Live that is capable of capturing what would normally be sent to your PC's speakers and encoding it in real time into a Dolby Digital or DTS bitstream which can then be sent to the receiver.

If you have HDMI, use that instead