May 3, 2011
I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm certainly no pro either. I have a crappy e-Machines PC (save the comments, I already know it's a POS) running Vista that I want to hook up to my TV. I just installed a Asus 5450 video card in the PC (for the HDMI output). I have my DVD collection on my external drives (and they're all still in VOB format instead of AVI/MPEG to retain some quality), which are connected to the PC. I have a theater system connected to my TV (via HDMI). I connected my PC to an available HDMI port on the TV, opened up PowerDVD 10 and and video! The picture is great, but the audio is only in stereo. How do I go about setting things up so I can fully enjoy my 5.1 system?! I know PDVD 10 is supposed to decode DTS and such, but it's just not doing it. Any help would be appreciated!
You have it attached to your TV. Does the TV have 5.1 speakers in it? I'm guessing not. Were you looking for the sound to come out of the sound system when you have it hooked up to the TV?`

You need to conenct the HDMI to a HDMI reciever that has surround sound speakers attached. Note that many recievers, especially the cheaper models have what is called an HDMI passthrough, which just routes the signal to your TV without doing anything else. You need a reciever that will actually take the HDMI audio and play it in itself.