Question Connecting Router to Client via rp-sma cable ?

Apr 28, 2021
So I have a crazy question that I`m not sure anyone has tried or would know. But assuming that the Ethernet ports on a router not available for use due to reasons, what would happen theoretically if one were to connect the client Wi-Fi card to the router via an RP-SMA cable? Will it damage the hardware on either side of the connection? Would the frequency rated (2.4GHz or 5GHz or 915MHz) have to match on either end?
You are going to have a problem finding a rp-sma with the correct ends. Most are male on one end female on the other. I think you need both male.

What you are talking is kinda how they test this equipment to avoid leaking signals either in or out. You have to be very careful about the transmit powers. Most the problem is you get lots of data errors because the signal is so strong it over load the receiver. Many times they put signal atenuators in the cables. You should turn down the transmit power of the radios to avoid long term damage if you run without a antenuator

Not it gets messy to get mimo to work when you connect it this way.