Connecting to a local hotspot from a distance of 1/4 mile ?


Nov 30, 2017
I'n looking for a device that will allow my tl wn725n wireless adapter pick up wifi from a local hotspot 1000 ft away ? This can with the use of a antenna or any other thoughts Thanks
Not real likely if the hotspot is indoors. The signal will likely be very weak outside and there is likely a lot of wifi sources between you and the location that your equipment will also pick up causing interference.

If the hotspot is outdoors and you have clear line of sight you can try a outdoor bridge from companies like ubiquiti. Most these bridge unit use directional antenna that concentrate the signal into a narrow beam which reduces the unwanted signals it gets. Still in most cases to make it work you need directional devices on both ends.

It is no longer cost effective to put antenna on wifi adapters. You can get a wireless bridge that has both the antenna and electronics for about the same price as a similar antenna and the expensive microwave cable you need to connect to your adapter.


the TL-WN725N would be good for a DIY WokFi antenna - more details on WokFi here and here. I was getting ranges close to a mile with direct line-of-sight on my buddys farm.

You should probably invest in a cheap AC600 stick, they are like $15 these days and will get much better bandwidth over the N150 adapter you currently have.


Apr 30, 2014
1000 feet is doable if you have line-of-sight with no major obstructions, but NOT with a nano usb. You can up the power on your side by switching to a higher power USB device and antenna. Do a search on 600mw USB adapters with removable antenna. Attaching that card to an externally mounted quality antenna will get the job done. You need strength at both ends, transmit and receive. If you cannot improve the strength of the hotspot, you need a better/bigger antenna to receive from, just like trying to catch a distant TV channel. The bigger antenna helps on reception. Not trying to start an argument with anyone, but the tin foil antennas and cantennas were never any good in my opinion. I did a lot of testing, and I found commercial grade equipment works great, but it comes with a price tag. IMHO, there's no substitute for a high-quality outdoor wifi antenna. All the tin foil adjustments are frustrating and waste more time than they are worth. There's no substitute for adequate power, laser beam line of sight, and quality external antenna. I've had very good luck with Engenious gear.