Connection between two PC's stopped suddenly


Aug 11, 2012

I have connected two PC's(xp & win 7) using cross over cable.
I configured all the things. I was able to share my folders from one pc to
another. Also i was sharing internet connection.

But one day it suddenly stopped working. I changed IP address and tried all that i could do. Nothing worked.

Now when I ping a PC from another it replies only once out of four and if I try
to ping one more time , reply never comes.
When i reboot both PC's and scan using angry IP, it shows other pc only once.
Next time I scan it doesn't show other PC.

Plzzz someone help........
While it should work, a crossover cable is unnecessary these days. All modern networks devices use auto-sensing MDIX, which means they self-configure themselves appropriately.

Again, a crossover cable should still work, but I did have another person recently who had issues w/ a crossover cable that was immediately correctly w/ a standard ethernet cable. So as a sanity check, I'd prefer you did the same.