Jan 16, 2012
I've been having a problem with my Internet Connection for the past few weeks. Basically, my connection randomly goes in and out with no consistency. When its up it runs flawlessly. When its acting up its so slow that website pages won't load. The lights on the modem most of the time don't change when I'm having a problem, but occasionally when it happens the modem will reboot itself. Sometimes it takes hours for it to go out, sometimes its every few minutes all day long. This problem when it happens would happen to every device connected to my router at the same exact time so I disconnected it to take it out of the equation, but with the modem directly connected to any device in the house the problem persists. I called Time Warner and they sent out of a tech guy.

First Tech Guy:

1) Upon arriving the Internet is working fine. He asks me if I was on the Internet a half hour before he got there. I confirm I was and that it was having problems then. He tells me he checked my signal a half hour ago before he headed over and the signal was "extremely" low.

2) The Internet is still working, and he checks my signal a second time then and the signal was fine.

3) He inspects all the connections in the home, in the outside box, and up on the pole, and everything was fine.

4) With the Internet working the entire time he was here he tests the signal one more and its fine.

5) He tells me there is a "node" having an issue in the area and that could be the only think he could think of that could cause a problem and to try to wait it out five days.

6) I ask if other people in the area are having problems and he tells me no one is and that he would still wait and see what happens once the node is repaired.

7) Five days later and the problem persists. So I call Time Warner again.

First Phone Support Guy:

1) After waiting on hold I'm connected with a phone support guy. My Internet cleared up and was working fine by the time I got through. He tests my signal and the signal is fine. He insists there is no problem. I argue that its in and out and that I could have told him myself that it was fine right now and that we need to figure out what is wrong when its acting up.

2) He tells me he'll connect me with higher level support.

Second Phone Support Guy:

1) Internet is still working and the second phone support guy tests my signal, its fine. He then tells me to run a "trace route" to Google and tell him what the "milliseconds" are for the first seven "hops".

2) All of the milliseconds are single or double digits and he confirms that is good. He then insists that there is no problem. Once again I argue that I know that its working great right now but that we need to get to bottom of why it goes in and out.

3) He tells me all he can think of is that the modem is on its way out and schedules another tech guy to come out.

4) An hour off the phone with support and the Internet starts acting up again. I run the same trace route that the second phone support guy had me do and the milliseconds are now in the thousands. The lowest was over 1,000 and the highest was over 3,600.

Second Tech Guy:

1) Upon arriving the Internet is not working. I was so glad that it was actually acting up when someone from support was here so they can see that I'm not crazy.

2) With the modem directly connected to my computer its not working. Tech guy plugs the modem directly into his laptop and reboots the modem, and it doesn't work.

3) We run trace routes again and the milliseconds are in the thousands.

4) Tech guy replaces the modem and plugs in a brand new modem directly to my computer, and right away it doesn't work! He plus it directly to his laptop, and it doesn't work!

5) Tech guy seems confused when suddenly and randomly the connection springs to life! Directly connected to my computer, or his laptop it works fine. We run trace routes and they're fine.

6) Suddenly the connection takes a dump again. Now again it won't work directly connected to either device.

7) Tech guy calls lead support guy.

Lead Support Guy:

1) With the internet once again working, lead support guy arrives and plugs a device directly into the connection. He says it is showing significant "packet loss".

2) He goes outside and plugs his device into the outside line and he gets no packet loss at all.

3) Comes inside and plugs his device into the connection again, only this time there is no packet loss at all. Lead support guy seems stumped.

4) He then tells me what the first tech support guy told me, there is a node issue and the deadline to fix it is two days away and to wait and see.

5) I bring up the fact that no one else is having problems and ask if it can really be the node. He tells me he can't be sure and to wait it out.

6) It is now three days after the day the node should have been repaired and the problem persists. The connection has crapped out twice in the time it took to type this message. With a brand new modem in place the problem has not gone away, and even this new modem continues to periodically reboot itself.

Where I stand:

1) No router in the equation.

2) Brand new modem installed, reboots itself periodically.

3) Ethernet cords replaced and secure.

4) Tried different DNS servers.

5) All connections in the outside box and up on the pole are secure and working.

6) Signal loss reported.

7) Packet loss reported.

8) No one in the area was having problems with the node, and it is well past its due to date to be repaired.

So I know I'm probably going to have to call Time Warner yet again to try to figure out what the hell the problem is. But I thought I'd ask he if anyone has ever experienced the same problems and what it is. Or does anyone have any tips? Thanks.


Apr 19, 2010
What do your signal levels look like? Can you post your signal levels and your modem error logs?


Feb 17, 2012
I've had the same problem for months now. I've had about five techs over and they all tell me something diffrent. I've replaced just about everything to try to get it working still nothing. Clearly these guys are morons. I'm ditching Time Warner for Verizon.