Question "connection reset" on minecraft java server ?


Nov 6, 2017
hello so i have host a minecraft server
i cant port forward from my pc so i have used ec2 aws computer for port forwading
i let all the traffic from outer to in my server and from in to all out
problem is all my friends can join my server when i share them ec2 public ip and they can enjoy the game without any issue
but i am the host and when i open minecraft and join in my server i can only play for like 1,2 or sometimes 5 minutes
anaad then it get disconnected show show following error
" connection reset"
please help i have 50mbps internet speed



Do you mean:

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.


" connection reset "

How and where does that error message appear? Pop-up window, in the game, as a notification?

Make and model router? The router's logs (if available and enabled) may provide some clue.

Who has full admin rights to the router? You will need help from that person.
You are going to have to explain more in detail what you setup. This is cloud based solution if you are using amazon servers.

I assume since you talk port forwarding you are not running the minecraft server on the amazon cloud. Are you using some kind of VPN in the AWS server to make this work.

This is a complex thing that has many ways to setup.

Is the minecraft server and the host you connect from the same machine or is it 2 different ones.