Connection speed .30%


Jan 19, 2012
is this normal it never goes up to even 1% how do i fix this
i have a connection speed claiming 100mbps and am only getting 50-30 kbps


Quote from CatsRules (which they do) The 100Mbps you are referring to is:

"That is the max speeds you can go between your computer and what ever you are connected to. In this case I am guessing a modem/router.
Your not seeing that kinda of speeds because nothing you are downloading is on that modem/router, your accessing stuff on web servers over internet so you need to go though your ISP to get to it, and they limit the speed between them and your router/modem to only what your are paying them for.
For example your are going to download a game off of steam.
computer<--------100mpbs----------->router/modem<---------1.5mbps--------->your ISP<----------1gpbs---------->Steam's ISP<-----------1gbps------------->Steam's Server
You can only transfer at 1.5mbps because that is the slowest connection in this example.

So basically your are only as fast as the slowest connection in the link, and most of the time it is your internet speeds that will slow you down.

Hopefully that is a ok explanation

50 to 30kbps is fairly slow, but if thats the connection speed you are paying for its what it should be. Try going to and run the test there.