Question Connection to game servers keeps dropping, but internet connection seems fine ?


Mar 19, 2017
This issue has been driving me nuts, and it's been happening all year for me.

Whenever I try to play online games, I am able to connect to the servers for games fine. I am able to play just fine for a few minutes at a time until the connection to the server seems to just drop completely, timing me out and sending me back to the menus. I can reconnect to the servers with no problem, only for the problem to happen again shortly. I tried to see if I was losing connection to the internet completely so I had a ping test going on my second monitor while I was playing games. The ping test was fine, no requests timed out at all.

Games, where it happens the most, are Sea of Thieves, Deep Rock Galactic, Titanfall 2 on the Northstar client, CSGO, Team Fortress 2, etc. Just about any game that requires a connection to a dedicated server has this issue. The only game that does not have this issue AT ALL is Destiny 2. I do know that Destiny 2 doesn't really have dedicated servers and runs on Peer to Peer connections, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Another weird thing with Team Fortress 2, if anyone who reads this is familiar with it, I can play on the casual servers, the servers hosted by Valve, without any disconnects. It's the community servers that give me issues. I cannot play on a single community server without losing the connection after a few minutes, sometimes instantly in the worst cases.

I've contacted my ISP but they apparently do not respond to support tickets on the weekends and purchased a brand new TP-Link WIFI 6 router. Again, my connection to the internet never drops. I can watch videos and listen to music just fine. It's almost like the connections to the game servers are being dropped specifically.

I've messed with firewalls, antiviruses, attempted port forwarding, and the aforementioned new router, but nothing has worked.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated because I'm really reaching the end of my rope. The only way I've been able to game with my friends this year has been by using my phone as a hotspot and I REALLY do not want to have to keep doing that.


I suggest going your configuration and disabling IPv6 click the link to show you how. Reason is IPv6 is not used much as yet and I found it effects my connection when its on.

Disabling IPv6

Game servers when have issues with lag and than players are dropped. When I played online that is what happened to me year ago.