Question Connectivity issue with new hub one one device only

Mar 25, 2019
Recently my landlord changed their internet service to a different package using Sky cos of which they are now using a new Hub.
When my Desktop connects to this new Hub, the internet connection is terrible. Google UK home page takes minutes to load. Every now and then
in maybe once in a couple of hours, able to play a Youtube video for a min or 2 and connection barely exists again.

Bear in mind the connection had never been great here but not this bad. When I connect this new network to my mobile phone or laptop, everything is
working fine as before, no issues. The issue is isolated to my Desktop.

Doubt it matters but to note the Desktop having issue is a Windows 10 machine. Laptop is a Mac and Phone is a Samsung.

Whats puzzling is when I ping, I am able to get responses. Average time is 21ms.

Things I tried:
  1. Restarted my Desktop.
  2. Restarted the HUB.
  3. Network works fine on Mobile phone / laptop, issue only on desktop.
  4. Pinged and able to get response at an average time of 21ms. Yet unable to go to Google homepage.
  5. Tried using Chrome, Firefox and Edge. all same problems.
  6. Using windows 10. Tried using wifi Diagnostic tools. No issues found.
  7. Signal shows 2 bars out of 4. Not great (as usual) but there is signal.
  8. Desktop uses a wifi adapter which has no issue based on the Diagnostic plus I am getting the signal
  9. Tried shifting the desktop / wifi antenna to face in different angle to see if it makes a difference. No difference.
  10. Thought maybe need sometime for signal to stabilize after an install but this is now over a week.
  11. landlord's device working fine too including the television.
  12. Doesn't matter if many devices are using the network or I am the only one using the wifi. Same issue.
In terms of recent changes, only can think of 2.

  1. Change of Sky Hub.
  2. I installed ZenMate VPN, but it is turned off anyway. Plus it is only on Chrome Browser and issue persists across all browsers.
Please advice what I can do.
It sounds like a DNS issue but it is hard to say. If things like speedtest take a while to load the page but the test itself shows good download/upload then it can be dns. You could also try a non browser based download like steam to eliminate strange browser issues.

Any of the so called "free" vpn services I do not trust. Many do all kinds of things like force ads etc. You should be able to tell if there is a vpn or proxy in the path if the whatsmyip address is different than what you see on your cell phone

Change the DNS in your ipv4 settings to or There are many others if you do not like these. I would also disable the IPv6 support. Although most people do not have IPv6 available it can cause slowness at times because it does not follow the same path as IPv4 and some ISP do not put much effort into optimizing IPv6 traffic.