Question Connectors for Alienware system


Apr 6, 2007
I am upgrading an Alienware Aurora R8 which came with a Nvidia 1070 graphics card that has a single 8 pin connector on it. However, when I inspected the system, the motherboard also has an 8-pin connector on it as well labeled GPU PWR. The original power supply was running an 8 pin connector to both the GPU and the motherboard's GPU PWR connections. I am throwing in a RTX 3060 which has one 8 pin and one 6 pin connector (yes I am also replacing the power supply at the same time). Am I correct in assuming that I should connect the 8 pin and the 6 pin directly to the card and the 8 pin to the system board is not needed? Or how should the power be run to this card in this instance?
I am not sure due to Alienware doing odd things. However, what other plugs go to the motherboard? Normally, 75 Watts of GPU power comes from the CPU slot in the motherboard, which originally comes from the 24 Pin motherboard connection. Having a separate plug makes me wonder if the main motherboard power does not power the GPU, in which case you would still need that plugged in.