Oct 19, 2011
I have a MSI H61MA-P35 MOBO and trying to connect everything in it. I have 2 sets of connects that I have no idea where to go.

The first set is 4 connectors that say Data+1, Data -1, GND1 and VCC1.

The second set is 4 connectors that say Data+2, Data-2, GND2, VCC2.

Where do they connect and what order? Thank you so very much!

My front panel connectors are Return L, Return R, Spkout L, Spkout R, Mic-BIAS, Mic In and Ground but the MOBO Manual says to connect Headphone Detection, Mic Detection, PRESENCE#, Ground, Mic L, Mic R, Headphone R, Headphone L and SENSE_SEND.
It sounds like you are using an old case with a new motherboard.

Each motherboard USB header has 9 pins for 2 USB ports. Starting from the even end, Pins 1, 3, 5, and 7 respectively are 5 volts, USB -, USB+, and ground. Pin 9 is missing. Pins 2, 4, 6, and 8 are the same (5 volts, USB -, USB+, and ground). Pin 10 is not used. Most modern cases use a single 9 pin header.

The audio is a little harder. Most modern cases have a cable with two connectors on it for either the old AC'97 audio chip or the newer HDA (Hi Def Audio) chip. You have an incompatibility between motherboard HDA and case AC'97.

Some motherboard BIOS' will let you configure motherboard HDA to output AC'97. Your motherboard manual does not say.
Yup. What you describe as two sets of 4 connectors appear to be two single USB front panel connectors from your case. These would connect to either side of the 10-pin connector on page 17 of your manual so that pins 9 & 10 (No Pin and No Connection) are unused. HOWEVER . . .

The pins on your connector MUST be in this order: Ground, Data+, Data-, VCCx. You do not list the pins in that order, so I'm a bit concerned. If they are in the correct sequence, make sure you attach each connector so that Ground and VCC sockets match the same pins on the mobo.

[strike]Your front panel audio connector should be a 10-pin (2x5-pin) connector with the socket for pin#8 blocked. This should fit on the connector on page 19 of your manual, JAUD1. Many cases attach two different connectors to that cable, one labelled "HD' or similar, and the other AC97 or similar. If so, use the HD one.[/strike]

See JSC's response above. I don't know what case you are using, but normally the front panel sockets are just that, sockets. You can always try to re-wire the connector so that the wires line up.