Conquest Mode In 'Battlefield 1,' Hands On At E3

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Oct 8, 2004
At first I was like, meh, but after seeing the multi-player gameplay, I am pumped about this latest Battlefield! Let's not forget, the gameplay footage we have seen so far has been from the Xbox One. Just imagine how awesome this game will look on a high-end PC!

Get ready, suckas, Doo-Doo-Draws is preparing for battle! :p


Aug 25, 2015
Sigh..... well this is not surprising. Noob journalist picks sniper. Comparing a tank to the Kool Aid man? You played yourself.


May 31, 2014
This is going to suffer from the same problems as BF3,4.
1. Rocky start. Tons of bugs and server problems. Everyone expects it now, so EA/Dice get a pass.
2. Prolific cheating. No, you won't find 2342 headshot cheaters any more, they are more subtle now, but still ruin the game. EA/Dice can do nothing about it, as they have proven with BF 3,4.
3. Stacked teams. All the pro/leet kids pile on to one team, or change teams to the winning team the first chance they get. Server ends with scores like 500-0.
4. Awful 'netcode' or whatever you wish to call it, along with no restrictions to region play. It's 'magic'. It leads to all sorts of problems, some real, some imagined, but will still be there.

If I am wrong, I will eat my hat. :)



1) These Battlefield games always have a rocky start. I think the distributed-server model (with multiple admins) makes it even worse.

2) The one thing Star Wars Battlefront does is centralizes server administration under EA. Star Wars Battlefront doesn't use the distributed model and had far fewer server issues and fewer hacks. The unfortunate part is that the Star Wars Battlefront game is nowhere near as fun as the Battlefield series games.

The health hacks are the most annoying lately and have somehow persisted because I think they are often less reported. People have figured out ways to consistently have 4 or 7 or 12, etc... health after you've riddled them with bullets in the brain at close range and they turn around and shoot you once. The first time it might be believable and you chalk it up to netcode or some other timing issue. But with consecutive contests by which you consistently lose the gunfight with a particular individual and the same individual ends up with 12 health each time thereafter, you know something is amiss. I don't think enough people hack to ruin the entire game. Communicating with the admins usually remedies this unless one of the admins is also the hacker.

3) Titanfall definitely does the best job of balancing teams that I've seen so far. I think every game designer could learn from this.

4) To take advantage of the awful netcode, simply hop on another continents' servers and you'll have an advantage. They really should restrict the zones. At a server level, the admins could tighten it down by automatically kicking those with ping times over 100 for more than 5 seconds or so instead of allowing 150+ consistently, but it's a point of pride to say your server is among the top n in the world so many server admins allow high ping times. Also, no one wants to play on servers where there aren't other players, so keeping a server full is a high priority for server admins, otherwise no one plays on your server(s) at all.
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