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Question Considering buying expensive new router, is there any need to buy an expensive modem too?


Aug 6, 2013
I currently use a BT HomeHub and it's horrible, loaded latency is insane compared to unloaded (did a quick speed test on Fast.com and unloaded came in as 7ms, loaded came in as 1.4 seconds) and there's just such a huge dropout in download speed when every additional device is connected so I felt like I wanted a really good hub so I don't have to worry about this trash hub anymore.

Was considering some expensive options after a quick Google, one being the ASUS GT-AX11000 ROG Rapture which is a very expensive router, but I was wondering whether there was a need to also buy an expensive modem, seeing as from what I understand that doesn't need to be as premium seeing as it's just feeding my router without any insane speeds. My download speed is only around 100Mb/s at peak, so I understand that the router may be overkill but I just really want something that's not going to ruin me every time someone in my house connects their phone to the internet or something stupid like that.

If anyone has any recommendations on modems or thinks another router is more suitable, I'm open to any suggestions.

Just to summarise, usually have around 12 devices connected to the internet, and around 80-100Mb/s speeds in the UK, looking for a modem & router setup to replace a crappy BT HomeHub.
Jun 4, 2020
I'm a noob at this but I will share my experience after an upgrade in my system. I had very low grade service from my ISP and had not bothered to upgrade it because my WiFi did not reach 90% of the devices in my house. I replaced the old Buffalo G router with an ASUS CT8 AiMesh router connected with ethernet backhaul. My coverage was improved so much that I decided to upgrade my internet service to 200 Mb/s. In the process I was told that I would need to upgrade my modem to get the higher speed. My old modem was a circa 2006 Motorola which provided about 125 of the rated 200 Mb/s speed. I ran that modem until my new Motorola MB8600 arrived. After changing that out my speed over ethernet went to 230-240 Mbp/s.

My point is that it appears that the modem has to match your service level but would not necessarily require an upgrade just because you upgrade the router. You should be able to go to your provider's website to find a list of approved modems.