Question consistent DRAM error LED on multiple system configs

Nov 22, 2020
So i wanted to upgrade my system
ASUS Strix B250F mobo, i7 7700 cpu, Strix GTX 1070 and G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2x8) RAM, 600W PSU
i changed to a Strix B550F mobo with a Ryzen 7 5800x cpu, ram, psu and gpu remained the same.
after building, i got an error led on the mobo for a DRAM issue, i also had no display and peripherals weren't lighting up, naturally i re-seated the ram, no fix. i ensured i had both sticks in the correct dimm slots, i did. so i tried single channel with both sticks, still no change. however in all the tests the RGB on the RAM did work still.
being unable to work it out for the time being, i reverted back to my original parts for the Intel setup. and for some reason i got the RAM issue still, on a config that was working prior to the upgrade? i even threw in a spare stick of some value ram and still the error LED came on. i then began removing single parts at a time to see if the issue lied somewhere else. took out all of my SATA drives, the gpu, the AIO cooler, m.2 ssd and even tried a different psu with different cables in case it was a power issue. but still no fix. i tried clearing the CMOS, even though that shouldnt be the reason its not working on TWO DIFFERENT motherboards & cpu's. and i am officialy stumped.
EDIT: is my B550 motherboard frying all my RAM? im yet to test a new ram in the old mobo before putting it in the new one to confirm it
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