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Question Consistent fps drops & stuttering

Oct 7, 2019
i have been experienced this problem for 2 weeks already . i have 144 z 1080 ti i7 9700 setup . i run games at pretty decent fps but my problem is every 3-4 min i m experiencing terrible and so annoying frame drops. 120 fps to 50-60 and it makes games unplayable specially i while aiming. this problem even occurring while i m typing this thread .

I tried too many troubleshooting none of them solved indeed made worse. it s so frustrating that spending too much for those latest tech and still not able to experience a decent game play experience. some of troubleshooting i tried:

lower resolution
full screen/windowed
update nvdia driver
update bios
run malware scan/ full computer scan
install an app for delete ram cache automatically
update all drivers/

i tried tons of other troubleshooting but no solution. finally I Full reset the windows delete everything but still experiencing this problem. I coundt even find what causes this problem ( software ?, hardware? cpu? , gpu? ram?) no idea hope i can find a solution here thanks
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